[3 bottles set] Luxury pickles 1 bottle 40g

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■Each pickle ◎Paprika and radish tricolor
It looks vivid. Paprika is thick and chewy, and goes great with vinegar. It is very versatile because it can be used for a wide range of recipes.
◎Red cabbage black pepper flavor
Red cabbage and vinegar go well together and you can enjoy the texture. The refreshing acidity and aroma of black pepper make meat dishes even more delicious.
◎Pumpkin yuzu black pepper flavor
The subtle sweetness of pumpkin and the flavor of yuzu and black pepper are a nice accent. Enjoy the contrast between the skin of the pumpkin and the color of the body.
■Raw material name ◎Paprika and radish tricolor
Paprika (domestic), radish, bay leaf, thyme, pickled ingredients (grain vinegar (including wheat), sugar, salt, bay leaf, thyme)
◎Red cabbage black pepper flavor
Red cabbage (domestic), fresh thyme, peppercorn, bay leaf, pickled raw materials (grain vinegar (including wheat), honey, apple cider vinegar, sugar)
◎Pumpkin yuzu black pepper flavor
Pumpkin (domestic), yuzu, peppercorn, pickled ingredients (grain vinegar (including wheat), sugar, mirin, salt, dried bonito, kelp)
■Internal capacity 1 piece 40g x 3 pieces set
■expiry date 120 days from the date of manufacture
■Preservation method After opening, store in the refrigerator and consume as soon as possible.


Wheat, apples